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Dr. Lee on Location – Marriage Lines and Bulk Water

No, not palm reading (sorry…I’m sticking with evidence-based medicine).

No, not the British TV sitcom “Marriage Lines” that was broadcast in the 1960s.

A marriage line refers to the attachment point of a structure appended onto an existing structure.

Easy, right? An initial footprint is already there.

Not so fast.

What are you going to do with the extra runoff? Simply extend the gutter downspouts?

Creating more impervious surface causes one to have to be a bit more cerebral about how the runoff is managed.

Consider my 15,000 sq ft office building (after the 2011 addition I built).

The roof pitches to the east and west. 7,500 sq ft of runoff goes each way.

7,500 sq ft of 1 inch of rain is equal to (7,500 x 1/12 x 7.4) = 4,625 gallons of water discharging at each side of the building. For each inch of rain!

After a couple of “April showers”, that’s more water than what is in my swimming pool!

Now that I have your attention, watch this week’s video to learn from my mistake in 2011 that wasn’t realized until 2022.

Rest assured: with what you learn, you’ll never be as dumb as me…even if you try.

Until next time,

Dr. Lee Newton

How A Doctor Learned To Develop Real Estate

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Dr. Lee on Location – Marriage Lines and Bulk Water


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