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How to Make an Afterthought Not Look Like One


Often times in real estate development, you need to shift gears. Your course may vary from that which was originally planned. When that happens, it’s important to make sure that you consider other effects to different parts of the project, effects that may have unintended consequences.

I constructed an office building in 2019 and I continue to own it with 2 partners. I made sure the concrete guys followed the architect’s print and provided for a landscape area within the expanse of concrete that is our lot.

But our snowplow guy told us he’d probably kill all our landscaping with salt every winter!

Rats, what should we do?

Watch this week’s video to learn how we made the best of this change in plans. And the camera work is slightly better than NYPD Blue. I promise to do even better next time.

Until then,

Dr. Lee Newton

How A Doctor Learned To Develop Real Estate

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How to Make an Afterthought Not Look Like One


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