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Real Estate Round Table – Cash Flow!

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with like-minded individuals whose work ethic and skills are similar to one’s own.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with Jeremy LeMere and Michael Parks on several projects over a 2+ year period.

We’ve collaborated in the sense of promoting each other’s work and distributing each other’s content. For example, Michael is undertaking a large project in Kansas City at the moment (please email me if you’d like more information).

What we’ve found is that each of us brings unique strengths to the table. For example, Jeremy is our expert in operations and self-storage. Michael is accomplished in the realm of large syndications and hotel conversions.

And I’m the building scientist, value engineer, and construction guy of the group.

Jeremy, Michael, and I recently hosted a round-table discussion on cash flow – the topic I feel is the basis of all worthy real estate endeavors.

We are pleased to share this with you below.

I hope you enjoy our discussion! Don’t hesitate to email me if you have thoughts to share, or perhaps an idea for a future round table.

Until next time,

Dr. Lee Newton

How A Doctor Learned To Develop Real Estate

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Real Estate Round Table – Cash Flow!


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